Electoral Politics

Since the announcement of the election in Maharastra and Haryana, the hustings has gone fire. BJP and Sive Sena are fighting on the distribution of the seats. they both don’t deign to know about what the people really want. since 15 years Sive Sena and BJP both have been playing a conventional role of opposition and now they feel that the anti-incumbency factor may take them onto the hot seat. BJP, after winning a landslide victory in the Lok Sabha election, wish to lead the nation by one party government and now they are ignoring the coalition government wherever they find any possibility. for example Kuldeep Visnohi, much as he was restraining himself, he blurted out. he accused the BJP of betraying him. I think a national party is better than a regional party. but you can not avoid the regional party completely, they always have been a specific vote bank. as Modi’s grandstanding ” sabka sath sabka vikash” now he is presented with an opportunity to his precepts into practice.